Maintaining Certification

Why Should I Stay Active Certified?

Once you are certified with RacquetFit, you are certified for life. You can proudly display your certification and promote your affiliation with the RacquetFit family forever. After one year, you must declare whether you are going to stay active or go inactive. Active RacquetFit Certified Status gives the public the assurance they are seeing the most qualified expert in the industry who is up to date with the latest information of tennis instruction, health, and fitness. Staying active is the only way to receive the incredible benefits associated with being a RacquetFit Certified Expert.

Review the benefits of Active Certification

How To Maintain Active Certification

Active RacquetFit Certification is valid for one year after successfully passing the certification examination. Along with RacquetFit certification, all participants will also get one-year of accreditation from the USPTA. This tells the world that you are recognized as an expert from the governing body of tennis education, the USPTA. Active status with RacquetFit can be maintained after one year by successfully completing either of the following options:

1.- Add one year of Active status for $99.


2.- Take any of our Advanced RacquetFit classes (this option is coming soon)

It’s that simple. Maintaining Active status is a critical component to ensuring RacquetFit Certified Experts are at the top of their game and are current with all that’s new at RacquetFit.

The USPTA annual accreditation of $150.00 can also be renewed each year, and can be done through the USPTA's website.